Hoaxes & False News, What’s So Important?

Have you ever thought of how could news spread very quickly? Are you a hundred percent sure that the information you’ve got is valid? But really, should us be aware of THAT? Well, the speed of how information spreads brings us to a phenomenon called circular reporting. Circular reporting happens when multiple publications report on the same initial piece of false information. A satirical news is taken as a reference instead of a joke for scientific writers. Same happens to Wikis. As one of the most common user-generated content, Wikis has also been relied on by some writers to seek for quick information. And all of these references the writers have been using will be published in some of those widely-spread articles. This is what makes false information hard to debunk. The desire of getting quick answers is a lot bigger than the desire to be certain of the validity of the news.

What is VUCA?

VUCA was first used in 1987, based on the leadership theories of Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus. VUCA is an acronym that stands for Volatility (the unexpected, unstable and extremely massive changes of challenges), Uncertainty (the lack of information that leads to unpredictable situations), Complexity (interconnected hornets’ nests which are caused by multiple factors), and Ambiguity (double-edged meanings of conditions which create multiple interpretation).

How do hoaxes and false news relate to VUCA?

Hoaxes and false news will definitely be one of our most crucial future challenges as they can be seen with the point of view of VUCA. Hoaxes and false news are volatile, they easily blow up a whole country just in seconds with their sensational title. As the news is published hundred times and spreads in seconds, we are unable to know the source or the origin of the information — thus, it is considered uncertain. The complexity of this matter is that hoaxes and false news can easily change people’s mindsets in negative ways in just a finger click, furthermore, the worse part is that the source is unknown so we all have no one to point on to. Lastly, ambiguity hits this matter the hardest. With its mixed meanings and lack of clarity, people can unconsciously misinterpret the true meaning of the information and spread it all over again to other circles.

What can we do to get rid of them?

The most undemanding and effortless things we can do to slow down the lies are avoiding sensationalist media, searching criticism of suspicious information and tracing the original source of information. Hope these acts will bring the truth to come out before the lies spread out.

source : https://youtu.be/cSKGa_7XJkg

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